Generic Canvas Application

Remote App integration in Salesforce

This page provides you the capability to test a Canvas App configuration. This page is itself a Canvas App (rendering is changing when integrated in Salesforce).
When added to your org, this will display brute technical info related to the integration, for development/debug purpose.

Configuration of the Remote App

Got to the Setup menu | Create | Apps. Scroll down to the list "Connected Apps" and click the "New" button.
Enter values for the following fields:
  • Connected App Name -> Any readable value. Example: Adminbooster Canvas
  • API Name -> automatically filled, in our example this will be Adminbooster_Canvas
  • Contact Email -> your email address
  • Check Enable OAuth Settings
  • CallBack URL ->
  • Selected OAuth Scopes -> Provide access to your data via the Web (web)
  • Check Canvas
  • Canvas App URL ->
  • Access Method -> Signed Request (POST)
  • Locations -> Any location that you want to test, such as Console, Layouts and Mobile Cards, Visualforce Page
Other fields can be entered too, but it is not mandatory.
Once saved, go to Setup menu | Manage Apps | Connected Apps and select the new Canvas app. Click on the Edit button.
Change the field "Permitted Users" to "Amin approved users are pre-authorized"
On IP Relaxation select "Relax IP restrictions", and save
On the connected app detail page, add Profiles to the list, to grant access to your users to this new application, and save.

Testing the result

Go to the Setup menu | App Setup | Canvas App Previewer
This page will be integrated into the Salesforce user interface, dumping all technical info available.
Once it is working, you can try to integrate it through drag & drop using the Page Layout editor. The dump will show the context of the integration.

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