Admin Booster

Salesforce Administration for the Geeks
In Code We Trust
  • Admin Booster (formerly known as GeekForce) has been developed using native Operating System capabilities.
  • No need to install / deploy anything, it is very portable with a minimal footprint: just 1 file is required, no dll, no jre, nothing else than Windows.
  • Access to Salesforce is done through Salesforce APIs, which is a fully supported way to access your data.
  • Admin Booster is free for use. If you want to support future developments, you can donate through Paypal (button on the top left corner of this page)
  • If you want to get in touch with the developer, please or a tweet to @ApexAPI


Matt B., Jan. 2013 : "just wanted to show my appreciation for your tool... I use it on a regular basis for all kinds of dev :^]"

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