Convert Salesforce Ids from 15 to 18 characters

This page is a system converting many Salesforce IDs (vertical list) from 15 characters into their 18 characters version.

Paste your list of Ids into the first text area
It is safe, no data will be transmitted over the network (local processing).
You can paste thousands of lines, it will create a list of the same Ids converted to 18 Characters.
There is no difference with the API or within a SOQL query to use either an Id15 or an Id18.
  • Use case 1: You have exported a Salesforce report with Ids. These Ids are 15 characters. You want to ensure that these Ids are not altered by Excel, you need to manage them with 18 characters.
  • Use case 2: You need to compare Ids but your comparaison mechanism is not case sensitive. You will have to extend them to 18 characters.

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